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Using a pallet knife, Renea carefully blends a variety of colors for her paintings. Once properly blended, Renea begins to shape and contour each stroke as she delicately applies it to the canvas. Over time, the paint forms a protective skin on the outer layers. Once dry, a glaze is then applied to provide the glass-like appearance resulting in a truly unique work of art.

The drying process is one of patience, the paint must dry and create a skin before the glaze can be applied. The glaze is applied with a brush and then is left to dry but still leaves the painting looking wet giving it a blown glass appearance. Due to the delicate nature of Renea’s painting, one should not apply pressure to the painting as it could cause damage. The painting should be shipped completely suspended in a crate or double walled box for the first year. Afterwards the painting may be bubble wrapped with at least two inches on either side to keep all pressure off the paint and then boxed or crated for shipping. The painting should not be shipped any other way!


Click the video below to view Renea’s Paintings.

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