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The Difference Between Abstract and Nonrepresentational Art

Representational art actually takes skill to produce, it cant look like anything, once it does it is no longer nonrepresentational it becomes abstract. Abstract art is a distorted version of something realistic. It's like taking a plate and breaking it into peices and then trying to put it back together. The plate doestn' look the same, Picaso is the perfect example of this. Nonrepresentational art can't go back in space either, beliee it or not this is quite hard to accomplish. I would say that any piece which has no basis in reality into the category of non-representational and any distorted subject into the Abstract catogory.

Ironically, because it is fo hard to accomplish, some people who lack talent hide behind nonsense and "explanations" as to why their crappy art is so great that mere mortals can't "understand" it.

Many would say that this is a nonrepresentational piece of art, howerver because it goes back in space it is Abstract.

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